Humans have been using mirrors for 8,000 years in one form or another. The material back then varied over the ages from ground and polished obsidian (volcanic glass), to highly polished metals like copper and bronze.

The glass mirrors used today have been around since 1835 when a German chemist figured out how to apply a thin layer of metallic silver to a pane of glass.

These days mirrors are made by allowing a liquid metal, such as aluminum, to condense on a sheet of glass.

The use of mirrors has always been popular within our homes. Who can forget the gold veined mirror tiles from the 60’s and 70’s that still strike terror within some people’s hearts?

Mirrors are a wonderful way of bringing light, movement and style into our homes today. Many are very affordable and have a wide range of finishes/colors, sizes, and shapes. Could one of the rooms in your home benefit from the addition of a beautiful mirror?


Dining room

Reflect something beautiful

Maybe you want to enhance a view or an object and create a special effect, like reflecting candle light or a stunning chandelier in a dining room to create a warm, romantic glow. Hang mirrors opposite a window to double a great view and allow it to be seen from other angles. TIP: Don’t place a mirror where it will create an unattractive reflection.

Bounce light around

Use mirrors to brighten up a room and to bring light, depth, and a sense of open space. If you have a smaller room, hanging a large mirror on a big wall to reflect the room and will make your space feel bigger. This works well in narrow spaces like hallways and the ends of galley kitchens. Mirrors can add interest and dimension to rooms that have little natural light due to a lack of windows or a dark northern exposure.


Increase your home’s accessibility

Expand the visual size of your bathroom with mirrored walls around the vanity area. Bring the mirrors down as close as possible to the top of the vanity, or even down to the floor, to allow a shorter or seated person to see themselves more easily. TIP: Mirroring the side wall(s) of the vanity area will keep it bright and interesting and even more useful for everybody.

If you place a very tall mirror in an entryway behind a console you will achieve two things. The first will be to expand the visual size of this space, and the second is to provide somewhere to check yourself from head to toe one last time before running out the door. TIP: Ensuring the mirror is the same width of the furniture will give you a custom designer-look.

A mirrored backsplash in the kitchen will really open up that space by reflecting task lighting and increasing visibility. Use an antique mirror finish unless you love cleaning because a regular mirror will show more spots and splatters.

A well placed mirror in your bedroom could reflect a beautiful view that would be lovely to wake up to every morning.

Living room

Not just functional

Mirrors can be a beautiful addition too! A bold and beautifully framed mirror can be the focal point of a room. They can make a dramatic statement in spaces both small and large. An over-sized mirror that sits on the floor and leans against the wall can become a visual asset. Try this look in your bedroom, dining, or living room. TIP: Be sure to attach these securely to the wall.

Create a beautiful montage by hanging multiple mirrors on the same wall that are grouped in a visually pleasing way, similar to hanging art. Or break up a gallery style art-grouping with a contrasting round mirror.

Action Plan

Don’t be in a rush to buy just any old mirror from a boring chain store. Your mirrors should be as unique as you and should fit the individual style of your home. Keep looking until you find one that you love and that will suit its intended location.

When you find that perfect mirror: the difference it makes, will make all the difference in the world.

Please share your top mirror tips with us in the comments below.