White cabinets and off white floors are the bane of my existence.

They need to leave this house. Now.

After vacuuming my kitchen floor I started spot cleaning with a sponge. At least it started off as a spot clean, but very quickly escalated to an almost full out on my hands and knees full floor scrub. This is because I have white faux marble floor tile with light grey veining.

And I hate it.

With a passion.

The kitchen leads directly onto the patio which we use a lot in warmer weather and track in bits of nature. It shows every bread crumb, grass blade, stray vegetable bit and fleck of dust.

The floors are a few decades old and being ceramic rather than porcelain, once the surface has chipped or cracked you can see a different color underneath. And no amount of scrubbing gets rid of those blemishes. They stand out like a sore thumb. And I am not even a clean freak.

As I was down on the floor with the ‘white’ lower cabinets staring me in the face, I started noticing the stains, runs and errant remains of cooking splatters. When will this end? I wondered. At least I don’t have any fancy edging on the cabinets to catch even more refuse.

So, my floor scrub eventually turned into a complete lower cabinet door wipe down. Ugh.

My kitchen is now sparkling like the snow outside, however, the sad thing is that I know this will only last until the next meal preparation. Tonight!