Backsplashes are the finishing touches to your kitchen. Like jewellery to your outfit.

They can elevate your kitchen to another level or they can let it down badly.

It’s one of the most difficult things to get right because you want to ensure it adds to the kitchen but at the same time, doesn’t overwhelm it. It’s all about finding that co-ordinated balance of added interest without going over the top.

Take a look below at some of our favourite ideas for backsplashes.


Inspirational backsplash ideas

Mirrors are a wonderful way to bring some dimension and help bounce light around your worktop area.


Copper is an unexpected backsplash material. We love it’s warm tones and the fact it works with many decor styles from traditional to contemporary.

Painted wood can be an effective and durable backsplash. Design it to resemble panelling or simply use bead-board (as shown). Use good quality washable paint for a long-lasting finish.

Large format tile is not often used in the kitchen. Make things interesting and employ the technique of color blocking a la Piet Mondrian.

Geometric tiles with unfinished edges gives you the flexibility of not having to end in a straight line. Great if you have to go up the wall a ways or for that industrial look.

Wallpaper can be an affordable temporary option until you find something else, or grow tired of it. You might consider protecting it with glass or plexiglass for a longer term solution. TIP: make sure to use a tough scrubbable paper.

Leftover tiles are great DIY projects and can be cost effective when purchasing discontinued or overstock tiles from retailers. We would choose similar colors like all white or all grey for this effect, but be sure to mix in a variety of textures.

Countertop material used up the wall as a seamless backsplash has a clean modern look that’s one of our favorites.

Unique stone slabs will definitley add the wow-factor to any kitchen. This one looks great with stained wood and contemporary cabinets.

Accessibility and extra storage is always important in any kitchen.  Using an open backsplash shelf or installing a bar to hang often used items are practical solutions.

Action Plan

As there is a wider range of options for backsplash material and ideas, select it after you have chosen your cabinets and countertops. At this point you’ll also know how much is left of your budget….

How can you add some pizzaz to your kitchen that will take it to the next level?