Do you need to lose the ho-hum boring vibe of your living room?

Looking to create a wow-factor space that begs you to spend time in it?

One that offers functionality with lots of personality.

Well look no further.


Here are 9 Ways to a Great Living Room

#1) Focal Point

Every space needs one place for the eye to stop and rest on. A fireplace makes a natural focal point, but you can achieve the same grounding effect many other ways. Substitute a fireplace with a storage or media cabinet, an awesome view through a picture window, some beautiful artwork, an eclectic collection of objets d’art, a wall of books, etc. TIP: If you are going for a cabinet, make sure to include a variety of open and closed storage as not all of your items will be display-worthy.

Fireplace with sconces

#2) Lighting

Make sure you layer your lighting and use dimmer switches wherever possible. Overhead lighting alone can be too harsh in the evenings when you want to relax and wind down. Lamps are a great way to soften a space, and varying the height of them and their brightness will add visual interest. Include a few table lamps, a floor lamp, and even some wall sconces around your focal point. TIP: Don’t forget to include a good reading lamp with a 3-way switch. Read more about how to improve the lighting in your home.

#3) Sofa

Neutral colors and simple shapes will stand the test of time. You can jazz up your sofa with toss pillows and throws and change them with the seasons or if you decide to change your room’s décor or color scheme.

#4) Accent Chair

As well as providing useful extra seating, they can also inject some visual interest when you choose a style and color that’s different from your sofa. In a tight space smaller chairs are easier to move around in order to accommodate extra people or a wheelchair or two. Read more about what to look for in accessible furniture.

#5) Area Rug

If you already have a lot of patterns and visual interest in your room, go simpler with your rug (and vice versa). Need help with rug sizing and placement? Fixer Upper‘s Joanna Gaines created this handy guide.

Ottoman coffee table

#6) Coffee Table

A coffee table (or ottoman) will help anchor the space and is perfect for putting your feet up on at the end of a day. Use a tray (with an ottoman) as a stable surface for food and drinks. I’ve used a vintage trunk as a coffee table in the past with the added bonus of extra storage. TIP: Round tables don’t have those sharp corners that are hazardous to toddlers, and are easier to navigate around for wheelchairs and walkers.

#7) Side Table

Include at least one to place a table or reading lamp on beside your sofa or chair. They’re a convenient place for drinks if the coffee table is out of reach and extra useful when they contain drawers or a shelf for additional storage

#8) Window Coverings

Don’t forget about them like so many people do! They are an important feature that can make or break a room. The variety is enormous and you need to take into consideration your particular requirements regarding the sun and how much privacy you need. TIP: Make sure to consider what they will look like from the outside of your home too.

Artistic personality

#9) Inject Some Personality

  • Don’t you love perusing the shelves and walls of your artsy friends? I do. I discover all sorts of unique and creative things tucked away there. Always make sure that you include items such as your favorite piece(s) of art, one of a kind treasured objects, or mementos you’ve picked up on your travels. These personal pieces will warm up your living room better than any generic trendy décor items ever will.
  • Plants can add some personality too, especially the really interesting ones. It’s the living nature of them that add the warmth and calm we all appreciate.
  • Color or wallpaper is a simple way to add personality. Use it as the starting point as a scheme for your room if you don’t know where to start. Pull some colors from the wallpaper and repeat it around the room for a cohesive look. Or paint your accent wall in your favorite color to add some zip.


Action Plan

Consider yourself now well-armed to banish any traces of your old yawn-inducing living room.

Use Pinterest to create a living room board and start collecting ideas. There are lots of DIY projects on it to get you started.

Take your time planning and thinking it all out and soon enough you’ll have a magazine-worthy living room.