Will your home adapt to your future changing needs?

Are you dreaming of staying in your own home and not having to move ? Beginning to wonder if your home can evolve with you into the future? Worrying that you lack the knowledge of how to achieve this? Don’t fret. You’ve come to the right place.

Unlock the secrets to accessibility

Miss M will show you how you can stay in your own home for as long as you wish by applying the principles of accessible design. You will learn where in your home are the best places to apply these features. You will find inspiration and practical advice on ways to make beautiful appropriate design decisions for your needs. Update your home with the newest design trends and make it more functional and much safer. The choices will become clear and simple and you will feel confident you can make the right design decisions.

Fall in love with your home all over again

Great interior design has the power to do more than just look pretty. It can help make a difference between a barely functioning home and a home that evolves beautifully with you into the future. Well thought out design has the ability to raise the quality of your life and those around you. You will happily discover how easy it is to make the right decision.

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Words of wisdom

One of the great, but often unmentioned causes of both happiness and misery is the quality of our environment ; the kind of walls, chairs, buildings and streets we are surrounded by. And yet a concern for architecture and design is too often described as frivolous, even self-indulgent.                                         Alain de Botton

Miss M

So, what possessed a Luddite like me to start this blog ? For as long as I can remember I have been obsessively drawing house plans, rearranging rooms in my head and becoming frustrated with bad design. Fast forward a few years after post secondary education in interior design, a number of years in practice in Canada and several years living in Europe. I am now following my lifelong passion for interior design and focussing on accessible design for interior spaces.

I invite you along on my journey in exploring the steps that we can take to ensure a more beautiful accessible world for all.

Emma Doman