Electrical sockets are an absolute necessity in your home, but are not the most attractive things around.

If you find them an eyesore there are ways of disguising them and lessening their visual impact.

Check out the solutions below to minimize their ugly-factor in your home.

8 Ways to Hide Your Sockets

#1) Hidden compartment

Hide them behind a small door in your cabinetry that disguises them when not in use.

#2) Hide them in plain site

Camouflage them by blending them into the wall or material that surrounds them. Make them disappear by using a clear plastic or glass plate. Or paint the plates the same color as the wall or faux paint them to match a stone or wood finish. You could also cover them in the matching background wallpaper or custom order the plates and sockets in a color other than the standard white, cream or black.

#3) Go horizontal

Turn the normally vertical electrical socket on it’s side. This will allow it to fit more unobtrusively along a backsplash or other awkward spot (see cabinet end in this picture).

#4) Make them a design element

Include them as part of the design. Use finishes such as stainless-steel to compliment a contemporary space or use mirrored plates in a bathroom or along a mirrored backsplash for a glamorous touch.

#5) Tuck them under cabinets

Install a hidden plug strip under the upper kitchen cabinets. This will prevent sockets from marring a beautiful backsplash. These sockets can also be placed under an island overhang (as seen here) for plugging in laptops, cell phones and appliances.

#6) Work surface pop-ups

Great for islands!

#7) Put them in a drawer

Perfect for a discreet charging station or drawer where you keep your hair drying and styling equipment. No more messing about with cords and wondering where you left them.

#8) In the floor

This will help avoid dangerous trailing cords. You will need to know your furniture arrangements in order to locate them correctly.


Action Plan

Let us know your best tips in the comments below for hiding your electrical sockets.