It’s that time of year again. December 31st is around the corner and many of us are thinking about our new year’s resolutions.

Miss M won’t be delving into goals like getting healthier, saving more money or changing jobs.

Nope. We’re going to concentrate on helping you take a few simple steps to make your own home safer and more accessible.


Resolve to make these changes in the new year

Grab bar/shelf

#1) Add some grab bars. They are particularly important (but not limited to) slippery bathrooms in bathing areas and around the toilet.

Read Accessibility Hacks. Get a Grip on Grab Bars to find out more.

#2) Install lever door handles. Replace your round door knobs/handles with lever style ones to make doors easier to open for people with limited mobility or arthritis.

Read how and why to do this in Accessibility Hacks. Door and Cabinet Hardware.

#3) Include full-extension pull-out kitchen shelves. Try a few to start with and you’ll discover just how much of a back and knee-saver they are. Buy off the shelf versions from home building centers or have custom ones made up.

Read more about how to improve the accessibility of your kitchen cabinets.

#4) Declutter and create clear paths of travel. Don’t litter your living space with tripping hazards such as throw rugs or multiple pieces of furniture like dining chairs and small tables. Their corners and legs make navigating around them more difficult and dangerous, especially if you use a walker or wheelchair.

#5) Single Lever Faucet Controls. Do away with your double handle faucets and make sure all your shower, bathtub, kitchen and bathroom sink faucets are single lever style. They are easier to use with slippery or arthritic hands, and for those with limited mobility.

Read Accessibility Hacks. The Bathroom Vanity to find out more.


Action Plan

Don’t fret. If this feels like a lot to tackle in one go, divide the list into more manageable chunks and complete one item every two months. By the time 2018 draws to a close you’ll be 5 steps closer to an accessible home.