You probably haven’t heard much about Switzerland, except they have beautiful mountains, create delicious chocolate and produce over 450 different kinds of cheese.

Having lived several years in Switzerland, Miss M has really come to appreciate a number of things that are pretty standard in this country.

Read on to find out what we could learn from the Swiss……


#1) They love step-less entrances.

Stepless front door

#2) They utilize accessible sinks.

Accessible sink

#3) Accessible outdoor trails are important. This allows wheelchairs and strollers to enjoy nature too.

Accessible forest trails

#4) Full-width doorways. Doors open fully (clearing the door jambs) and don’t encroach upon the doorway opening.

Full-width doorways

#5) Lever handles are the norm.

Lever handle

#6) They juxtapose traditional design with modern.

Juxtaposed styles

#7) They texture their walls not their ceilings. It makes filling in holes easier and adds some visual interest.

Textured walls

#8) They attach wood baseboard with screws that they don’t conceal. This makes it easier to remove the baseboard to refinish the floor. And trust us, you don’t even notice the screws!

Wood baseboard

#9) They trim out their baseboard in the same material as their floor, be it wood or tile.

Tile baseboard trim

#10) They welcome pets in rentals. Owners go to great lengths to accommodate them, as you can see with this cat ladder…

Cat Ladder