Do you need more storage in your bathroom?

If you’re like the rest of us, you could probably use some.

As I just spent a few days adding as much storage as I possibly could to the cottage design, it got me thinking on how to maximize every inch of the small space.

Since not everybody has a big budget, is building or renovating, I wanted to inspire you with some tips on how to increase the storage space in your bathroom.


Easy Ways to Add More Storage to Your Bathroom

#1) Storage unit made from wooden crates. Leave natural, paint all one color, or mix things up a bit.









#2) Use a basket (or other vessel) to store toilet paper in.


#3) Place hooks at a lower level on your walls to maximize the vertical space and for easy accessibility.









#4) Use a tiered fruit basket to keep clutter off the counter tops.









#5) Mount towel rails on the back of the door. Especially useful if you have very little wall space.









#6) Install corner shelves beside your sink or above your toilet.









#7) Repurpose a wine rack to store rolled up towels.









#8) Place a ladder shelf unit beside or between your sinks. Mount it off the floor for easier cleaning and better accessibility.









#9) Use the backs of cabinet doors to keep often-used items within easy reach.









#10) Paint a vintage cabinet and use in your bathroom for an unexpected surprise. Painting it a bright hue will add a hit of color.







Action Plan

Even if you have a small bathroom, where could you add some welcome extra storage?