My close call today prompted this post.

It appears that my spices have multiplied since the last time I looked, and this morning I had to act quickly to prevent the bottle of chili spice from taking a nose dive straight into my hot porridge.

Kitchens are very busy places that already contain a multitude of items. If your kitchen is bursting at the seams due to the ongoing collecting of more and more spices, cooking gadgets and dishes then you’ll appreciate some tips on how and where to improve your storage of them.

Just the simple act of organizing and rearranging renders your kitchen more accessible not to mention safer and more pleasant to work in. No more crawling around on your hands and knees trying to find that blasted lid for that one pot or removing 18 cans of food to reveal that one can of coconut milk that you swear you had.

Use the following ideas to squeeze out a bit more storage from your kitchen.

Easy ways to add more storage to your kitchen

#1) Add a shelf along all or part of your backsplash to gain some extra small space accessible storage.

Backsplash shelf

#2) Add a baking tray divider or two and use them to contain your cutting boards too.

Tray and rack divider

#3) A slide-out pot rail allows you to find the right size pot immediately. It may also encourage your family to put them back in an organized manner too.

Pot rack

#4) Add metal storage baskets to the side of your upper and lower cabinets for easy access.

Extra storage

#5) Utilize the normally wasted space at the front of your sink to hide some cleaning items.

Every inch counts

#6) Create an appliance garage to reduce lifting of heavy kitchen apparatus. Make your life even easier and make sure to include a receptacle in there too.

Appliance garage

#7) Utilize an inexpensive towel rail as a pot lid holder.

Simple solution

#8) Roll-out shelves will save your back and your knees. Use them for storing pots, pans, serving dishes, dinner-ware, food etc. Ensure they roll out fully so you can see and reach everything at the back.

Roll-out shelves

#9) Squeeze a skinny pantry in beside your fridge. Even at one can deep, look how much you can store!

Skinny pantry

#10) Use kick-plate drawers for seldom used items like seasonal platters and table linens.

Kick-plate drawers


Action plan

Where in your kitchen could you fit a few of these great ideas? If you’ve got any other ideas please share them with us.

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