Are you looking for a safer and easier way to get into your bathtub?

Do you need quick installation with minimal disruption to your life?

Or maybe you don’t have the budget or the desire to completely renovate your bathtub to a walk-in shower.

A bathtub conversion may be the answer.


Tub to shower conversion

How does it work?

An installer will come to your house and cut away a portion of the side of your existing bathtub, in situ.

They then install a one-piece U-shaped curb, enabling you to step onto or over this new step to access your bathtub.

NOTE: Remember to install grab-bars in your bathroom and pay special attention to where they are placed in the bathing area.


Don’t want to give up the use of your bathtub?

If you still want to retain the use of your bathtub, a hinged door insert kit can be installed. This will still give you the step-like entrance into your tub but with the continued use of your bathtub for taking an actual bath.

Removable wall section

Another great option for retaining bathtub use is a removable section of bathtub wall that slips into place when required. This would be a good option for a smaller house with a single bathroom, and for the future when it comes time to sell your house as it won’t limit the sales potential.


Who installs them?

There are companies with installers who can do the conversion in a few hours and with minimal mess and disturbance.

If you are handy, look around for DIY kits online or from local suppliers. Doing it your yourself will save on installation fees.

Google ‘tub to shower conversions’ to discover installers and suppliers in your area.


Claim some money back

Seniors may even be able to claim back 15% of the cost from the Federal Government of Canada through the Home Accessibility Tax Credit when they file their income taxes.


Action Plan

While you will not be creating a wheelchair accessible bathing area, this simple retrofit to an existing bathtub will make it safer and easier to use and for a much lower cost than a complete shower make-over.