Shower accidents are disproportionately common among people aged 15-24.

That shocking statistic really surprised me.

However, for the elderly most falls occur near the toilet.

So in other words, grab-bars could benefit everybody. Especially in the bathroom.

Grab-bars have come a long way in the past decade. They used to be ugly and clinical looking and found mostly in medical institutions. Now they are popping up in all the best hotels, designer bathrooms and even in kitchens.

How many times have you found the need to hold onto something in and around the shower area to steady yourself? Or even needed an extra ledge for a bottle of shampoo or razor? Invisia has a beautiful line of grab bars that are dual-purpose and double as corner shelves, soap and toilet paper holders and towel rails.

Correct installation is key

  • Grab bars don’t have to be installed all over your home right away. One of the most useful places for them are in the shower or bath area and beside the toilet. Install a few now to increase the safety for you and your family. You can always add more later if the need arises.
  • Or take it one step further and install grab-bars anywhere in your house where extra support is needed, like in the dressing room or mud room.
  • For people with specific needs it is important to consult with them and/or a physical or occupational therapist for the best grab bar locations. TIP: The universal mounting height of grab bars is 33-36in/84-91cm from the floor.
  • It is imperative that grab bars are installed correctly by anchoring them securely. They must be either fixed to your wall studs or to wood blocking. Blocking is wood or plywood that fills in the space between wall studs. Blocking is much easier to add during a renovation or when building new, and must be at least 3/4in/2cm thick. Install it during construction so it is there when you need it later on.

See here for information on how to install grab bars yourself.

Types of grab bars

Fixed or stationary.  These can be installed in any configuration that works for you including horizontally, vertically or even angled.

Hinged. Can be folded-down when not needed. Useful for when a toilet is not located next to a wall or to give people a second or optional security point.

Important. You should only use the grab-bars that are rated to support 250lbs or more.

How to integrate them seamlessly into your bathroom

  • Coordinate the color and finish with the other fixtures in your room to achieve a more harmonious look.
  • Integrate grab-bars into the lines and character of your bathroom by installing them at the level of the vanity or along the same plane as decorative tile borders or other horizontal or vertical elements.
  • TIP: In the kitchen or bathroom you can install a continuous bar along the countertop edge which could also double as a towel rail.
  • Grab bars come in a variety of shapes such as straight, curved and L. This will allow you to choose the one that works best for your needs and works well in your bathroom.
  • Measure twice to ensure you order the correct length

Action Plan

Is there somewhere in your home where you feel could benefit from the addition of a grab-bar?

Take a look at our manufacturers section of grab bars to find just the right one for your home.

Read about grab-bar placement from a study by CMHC.