Were things a little tight in your kitchen over Christmas?

Did you find yourself scrambling in the backs of cabinets trying to find everything for the big family get together?

If you could use a little more storage (and who couldn’t?) we’ve got some ideas on how to make use of that empty space at the end of your kitchen cabinets.


Optimal reach zone

Studies have shown that the area between 15-48in/38-123cm above the floor is where most people can comfortably reach. Concentrating your most often used items within this zone is a great way to keep your kitchen accessible and more comfortable to use.


Add some storage

#1) Make or buy a spice rack to keep them organized and easily visible

DIY spice storage


#2) Add an extra towel rail. Hang more towels by using S-hooks on the rail

Towel rail


#3) Create broom or mop storage for a tall closet. Be sure to include shelves for cleaners

Broom/mop storage


#4) Get organized with a mini-file system or even just a simple cork or black-board

File storage


#5) Show off your decorative dishware or serving plates

Serving-plate storage


#6) Mount some shelves to store dried goods in jars

Food storage


#7) Create a key and/or cell phone area

Key/cell area


#8) Add a wine rack

Wine rack


#9) Display your favorite cookbooks or magazines


Cookbook storage


#10) Keep your pots and pans close at hand

Pots/pans storage


Action Plan

Now that you’ve got some ideas running around in your head. What kind of extra storage will you be able to fit at the end of your cabinets?

Share your plans with us in the comments section below